Fabrizio Quirighetti kommt zu DECALIA als CIO

DECALIA Asset Management hat Fabrizio Quirighetti als Chief Investment Officer der Gruppe eingestellt. Im Rahmen seiner Verantwortlichkeiten wird er dem Strategie- und dem Investmentausschuss angehören und die Verwaltung der Vermögensallokations- und Anleihenfonds beaufsichtigen. Seine neue Aufgabe tritt er am 1. Oktober 2019 an.

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Fashion victims

  • Increasingly frequent purchases of inexpensive garments cause severe environmental damage
  • Circular business models are now gaining traction all along the fashion supply-chain
  • Recycled materials, clothing repair/re-commerce/rental or virtual styling: opportunities abound


Shake or Break?

  • Regulators are considering toughening their stance on Silicon Valley giants
  • Breaking up the GAFA companies or forcing greater competition: that is the question
  • Either way, investors are set to benefit from greater levels of scrutiny and transparency


Another „G“, Sir?

  • 5G promises much greater speed, more density, less latency – and better energy-efficiency
  • Huawei under US fire – more to do with global 5G domination than trade considerations
  • These technological advances will transform our world – opening up investment opportunities too


DECALIA ernennt Bernhard Utiger zum neuen Regionalleiter für die Deutschschweiz

DECALIA Asset Management hat Bernhard Utiger zum Regionalleiter für die Entwicklung ihres Asset-Management-Geschäfts in der deutschsprachigen Schweiz ernannt. DECALIA ist seit 2017 in der Deutschschweiz vertreten und unterstreicht mit dieser Rekrutierung das starke Engagement in der Region. In wenigen Jahren konnte sich DECALIA als Innovationsführer etablieren, indem Themenstrategien und Privatmarktlösungen anboten werden, die mit Erfolg vielversprechende langfristige Anlagetrends nutzen.

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  • With their millions of followers, star athletes boast an ever-greater marketing clout
  • Basketball epitomizes the importance of lucrative endorsements – and young talents
  • On the court are Nike and Adidas… but also up-and-coming Chinese challengers


REdesign, REuse, REduce

The case for circular economy

From linear to circular: our civilization functions with a linear approach in which we draw from a finite stock of raw materials and energy to make goods and services that we then throw away, generating often-toxic waste in a unbridled wastage of resources. This model is obviously not sustainable in the long term.

The circular economy entails a revolutionary way of thinking across the value chain and provides a more sustainable model.

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Rent-All services

  • Product as a Service – Why purchase a product when you could instead share it?
  • A pay-for-use model promotes quality and longevity, rather than volume of production
  • Rethinking how products are brought to consumers matters to all companies – and investors


Streaming out loud

  • Streaming media platforms have disrupted the entire entertainment ecosystem – More to come
  • With the technology now mainstream, the (expensive) race for content is on…
  • Picking the winning content makers will be key… but alternative investments offer value too


DECALIA thrice crowned at the WealthBriefing Swiss Awards 2019

During the WealthBriefing Swiss Awards 2019 awards dinner held yesterday in front of 200 members of the financial industry, Geneva investment management company DECALIA Asset Management won three of the four categories in which it was shortlisted. DECALIA received the best external asset manager, best asset management firm serving family offices and private banks, and best fund manager trophies.

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DECALIA legt zusammen mit W Capital einen Merger-Arbitrage-Fonds auf

DECALIA weitet mit der Lancierung einer Merger-Arbitrage-Strategie ihr Fondspektrum weiter aus. Diese Strategie soll eine attraktive absolute Performance mit geringer Volatilität generieren und dabei dekorreliert von den traditionellen Anlagen bleiben. Das Fondsmanagement wurde W Capital anvertraut, einem Spezialisten dieser Strategie mit einem der besten Erfolgsnachweise der Branche. Dieser Fonds richtet sich an qualifizierte Anleger und ist in Form eines reservierten alternativen Investmentfonds (Fonds d’Investissement Alternatif Réservé in Luxemburg, „FIAR“ oder „RAIF“ auf Englisch) strukturiert.

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DECALIA strengthens its sales team in French-speaking Switzerland

DECALIA Asset Management strengthens its institutional sales team by recruiting Truong-Linh Pham. He joins DECALIA after having spent 14 years with Edmond de Rothschild Asset Management. Working alongside Rafaella Ostier, his mission will be to promote the investment solutions developed by the Group to professional clients.

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  • Human life span has doubled over the last 200 years but expectancy at 70 has barely increased
  • Cure ageing, not (only) diseases! – Paradigm shift in the health industry now well underway
  • Big data as the game-changer – No end in sight for Tech giants longevity…



  • From vinyl records to digital files, a wind of change has blown over the global music industry
  • Streaming & concerts have overtaken physical sales – Revenues back to their 2006 peak in the US
  • Digitalization has created new opportunities but not all players will top the Billboard charts



  • Worth USD 1.3 trillion, the global sport & fitness industry has become a major growth sector today
  • Baby-boomers anxious to remain healthy & body image obsessed Millennials are the main drivers
  • Digital natives have now taken sports to social media – A new societal phenomenon is born!


DECALIA launches the first equity fund dedicated to the circular economy

DECALIA Asset Management innovates by launching DECALIA Circular Economy, the first equity investment fund dedicated to the circular economy. After launching DECALIA Millennials and DECALIA Silver Generation, DECALIA continues to develop strategies focusing on changes in consumer trends.

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Michele Pedroni takes over management of DECALIA’s European equity fund

DECALIA Asset Management has entrusted Michele Pedroni with the management of DECALIA EUROPEAN CONVICTION, its European equity fund that aims to take advantage of the inefficiencies that exist in European markets. Michele Pedroni is now taking on the role of lead fund manager of the fund, after having fine-tuned its management process for 9 months.

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WealthBriefing Swiss Awards 2018

DECALIA shortlisted in the „Fund Manager“ category of the WealthBriefing Swiss Awards

DECALIA has been shortlisted as one of the 3 finalists in the ‚Fund Manager‚ category of the 2018 WealthBriefing Swiss Awards.

Showcasing ‘best of breed’ providers in the global private banking, wealth management and trusted advisor communities, the awards were designed to recognise companies, teams and individuals which the prestigious panel of judges deemed to have ‘demonstrated innovation and excellence during 2017’.

Winners will be announced at a gala awards dinner which will be held in Geneva on 8 February 2018 at the Hotel President Wilson.

Alfredo Piacentini, CEO DECALIA Asset Management

These funds that bet on Millennials

The trend is towards companies that meet the changes in consumer habits of the younger generations and the senior citizens, these demographic challenges of the new Millennium (BILAN article in French).

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DECALIA accelerates its development in Italy through a distribution agreement with Allfunds Bank

Allfunds Bank, the leading European fund distribution platform, will distribute the funds of the Geneva based asset management company.

The newly-signed agreement appoints Allfunds Bank as primary distributor of the DECALIA Sicav in Italy and includes DECALIA’s sub-funds in Allfunds Bank’s institutional platform used by wealth managers and funds of funds.

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